When does the pilgrimage take place?

Thursday July 27th to Sunday July 3oth. It begins on the morning of the 27th at Our Lady of Fatima, Renfrew. Registration and a light breakfast begin at 8am. Fr. Ryan Holly will give the pilgrims a special blessing before they depart at 9am. The pilgrimage ends with the Bishop’s 11am Pilgrim Mass on Sunday morning at St. Ann’s. 

How much does it cost?

We invite all pilgrims to pay a $50.00 registration fee. This covers the cost of portable washrooms, trucks, buses,  etc. It  also includes the cost of water and meals. Each pilgrim will also receive a drawstring backpack.  We understand that for some this may be too much. If that’s the case, offer what you can and don’t worry. It’s more important that everyone who wants to come comes.

Cheques should be made payable to “Our Lady of Lourdes”, with the memo “St. Ann’s Pilgrimage”, and sent to the following address:

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
280 Lourdesview Dr.
Pembroke, ON
K8A 2G4


Who can come on the Pilgrimage?

All ages are most welcome. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or appointed guardian over the age of 18. All are required to register and provide the needed information (emergency contact, etc.)

Will I have to carry all of my baggage?

The camping equipment, etc., is loaded every morning into a trailer that transport it to the next Church. Personal items (water, snacks, sunscreen, etc) are carried by pilgrims in their own backpacks.

 What about safe drinking water?

Throughout the pilgrimage water is provided at the resting points. Please bring your own water bottle to cut down on garbage and so that you have water to keep in your walking bag.

What do I need to bring?

Each person is responsible for their own tent, sleeping bag, shoes, clothes, toiletries, etc. Some of the meals are provided, but not all, so you’ll need to bring some food. Paper plates and utensils will be provided for the meals.

What will we eat for meals?

 The meals will be simple pilgrim fare, e.g., bread (whole grain or gluten free), cheese, burgers, stew, apples, tea, coffee, water.

What meals are provided?

Breakfast is provided Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Dinner is provided each evening.

Therefore, you’ll need to bring some snacks to get you through lunch each day and breakfast on Friday.

Will there be coffee?

 There will be coffee each morning.

What happens if I am not able to walk any farther or need medical assistance?

We always pray for everyone to make the whole pilgrimage in safety and in good health. For whatever reason, if you are unable to continue walking, you’ll be given a lift by car and receive the necessary first aid.

I am not able to come for the full 4 days, am I able to participate?

People are able to participate for any length of time. We invite all to experience the full pilgrimage yet realize that that’s not possible for everyone. We invite you to come to begin any day that you are able. Please still register and make note in the registration when you will come.

If you would just like to come for the Masses or adoration, you are most welcome and don’t need to register for the pilgrimage.

How do I get home?

For those who would like to leave their car in Cormac there is a bus going from Cormac (departing at 7:15am) to Renfrew on Thursday morning. If you choose this option, please be sure to indicate this in the registration.

The best arrangement, if possible, is to have a family member or friend bring you to Renfrew on the first morning and pick you up in Cormac at the end. This is an opportunity to include others in the pilgrimage, especially the Bishop’s Pilgrim Mass in Cormac.

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